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At the core of Legacy Events UK is education. We’re excited to offer a range of black studies. Each course can be offered as day classes of night classes depending on numbers. Spaces are limited so book now!


Black Intellectual Thought

This course aims to introduce students to key thinkers throughout the Black diaspora that discuss and theorise the experiences of Black people across the world. We will examine events, movements, theories, and texts that have shaped the development of the African diaspora. We will explore how approaches to studying intersecting inequalities, race and racism in society offer important insights into the human condition.


Black Political Activism

Black Political Activism introduces students to the different approaches that have been used to resist racism across the African Diaspora. We will explore a range of liberal, radical and contemporary forms of activism and root this in a discussion of how society is understood. The course will engage with a range of case of studies of organisations and politics, and will also consider intersectionality in the context of Black political activism.


Black Feminism

This course aims to develop your critical analysis of Black feminism, in particular to understand the significance and influence of Black feminist thinkers and Black feminist thought. We will examine key theorists as well as the impact of black feminism on popular culture and political activism.  In particular we will be considering how Black feminism provides an epistemological framework that resists, challenges and negotiates dominant ideologies.


Black Studies Methods

Black Studies Methods aims to teach students methods of engaging in research that directly impact on the social world outside of the university. We will explore a range of methodological approaches that complement and extend traditional approaches in sociology. Students will be expected to critique taken for granted notions of research and also to develop engaged and community based research projects.


Power and Inequality

Why has society remained so unequal? Have we become too use to social inequalities? What can we do to make a more equal society? These questions will be explored to examine why power and inequalities remain central concerns in society across local, national, diasporic and global borders. This course will critically examine how we can make links between inequalities of the past that continue to impact our contemporary societies.


Black Arts Movement

The course explores and examines the historical context which produced the Black Arts Movement in the UK. It aligns with the aims of the Black Studies degree programme as it focuses on a social movement, and discusses the contribution that artists from the African diaspora have contributed to visual culture.